Cookies information in Koha

5th June 2024 | Aude Charillon | Koha

From version 23.11, Koha offers options to display a cookie banner, create a cookies policy and give the user a choice about non-essential cookies. Version 24.05 brings several small improvements to the cookie banner and policy pop-up and gives new installations default text about Koha essential cookies. Let's look at how you can set it all up on your site.
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Book Shelves

Koha Community Positions for the 24.11 Cycle

18th April 2024 | Martin Renvoize | Community

The Koha community splits work up by cycle, every six months a new team is formed to steer the direction of the product and work together on achieving goals.  The next team is being formed right now, and we'd love you to be part of it. 
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Books in a hand - library data migration

Koha Hackfest, Marseille 2024

16th April 2024 | Martin Renvoize | Community

The development team were joined by Andrew Auld and Jonathan Field in attending this years annual Koha Hackfest event hosted by our friends Biblibre at their headquarters in Marseille, France from 8th to 12th April 2024.
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A nighttime view of Marseilles harbour near the hackfest event.

Preview of new features in Koha 23.05 and 23.11

9th April 2024 | PTFS-Europe | Koha

Get a preview of some of our favourite new features in Koha 23.05 and 23.11, from video recordings of our upgrade webinars. We cover: circulation, the staff interface, the patrons module, the Opac, acquisitions, cataloguing, interlibrary loans and ERM.
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What's new in Koha 23.05 and 23.11

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