Metabase is an open source web-based business intelligence and analytics system that generates complex data sets for enhanced reporting and visualisation of your library’s metrics.

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Metabase is an open source business intelligence tool which lets you ask questions about your data and displays the answers in a wide range of graphical formats. Metabase can create and share customisable dashboards which monitor specific aspects of library business.


Adding Metabase to any of PTFS Europe’s core library services (eg. the Koha Library Management System) allows the reports to be visualised graphically and grouped in real-time updating dashboards which can be fully customised for different user groups.


– Build custom reports with or without SQL skills.
– Move from your data to beautiful graphs and charts with just a few clicks.
– It just takes a click to see individual records and explore connections between your data, so you can move from who, to what effortlessly.
– Easily filter and group your data to find just what you’re looking for, all without ever writing a line of SQL.
– Add graphical and dashboard presentation to existing SQL reports (eg, from Koha’s report module and community library).
– Customise dashboards to best suit your needs.
– Assign reports and dashboards to specific user groups.
– Automatic dashboard refresh tracks the very latest activity.
– Combine reports from multiple sources on the same dashboard (eg, Koha LMS, Coral electronic resource management and RT enquiry management)


As an ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe has an excellent reputation for the quality of the support service that is delivered. Our staff are highly skilled and all have many years’ experience in working in the library sector. We are supporting over a hundred organisations, many of which are extremely demanding in the quality of the service that we deliver. We can only provide this service due to the high quality and experience of our staff.


All of our staff are based in the UK and, between them, have hundreds of years of experience working in library automation. Metabase is an easy system to administer and all administration takes place through a web client. Also, as a hosted solution, there is no ongoing responsibility on staff to maintain and configure the infrastructure or application.


Metabase is built and maintained by a dedicated team, and is open source, so the community can help improve it too. You get new features, interface improvements, and bug fixes for free, and can forget about building or maintaining your own analytics platform.

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