FOLIO envisions the future of library software as a unique collaboration between libraries, developers and vendors. It’s a game changer…

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An Open Source Library Services Platform, FOLIO has all the core functionality you’d expect from a superior Library Management System (LMS) while also allowing your organisation to move beyond the traditional LMS towards a new paradigm that’s intelligently designed to meet your users ever-changing needs.


The FOLIO platform includes core functionality found in current library management systems and is extensible, allowing libraries to meet ever changing needs. As a modern, open-source system, FOLIO is built on a microservices-based architecture that allows for continuous growth.

Together, the FOLIO community is making available a selection of base application modules for libraries to choose from, adapt, share and expand upon, beginning with the most basic functionality needed by libraries:

  • Acquisitions
  • Cataloging
  • Circulation
  • Data Conversion Tools
  • eRM – Knowledge Base (connections and source record storage)
  • In-App Reporting and Cross-App Reporting
  • Patron Empowerment Functionality


As an ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe has an excellent reputation for the quality of the support service that is delivered. Our staff are highly skilled and all have many years’ experience in working in the library sector. We are supporting over a hundred organisations, many of which are extremely demanding in the quality of the service that we deliver. We can only provide this service due to the high quality and experience of our staff.

All of our staff are based in the UK and, between them, have hundreds of years of experience working in library automation. FOLIO is an easy system to administer and all administration takes place through a web client. Also, as a hosted solution, there is no ongoing responsibility on staff to maintain and configure the infrastructure or application. Local administration is relatively lightweight and many of the regular admin processes are carried out via scripts and cron jobs. The majority of our customers do not have dedicated systems staff and our standard support service reflects this.


FOLIO – is an community collaboration of libraries, vendors and developers, coming together to build an open-source library services platform (OS-LSP) of the same name. With software released under an Apache 2 license, FOLIO moves beyond the traditional LMS, allowing anyone to freely build on its core functionality, or to extend the platform through development of applications that deliver new services. As a result, it allows for dramatically enhanced library choice and infinite extensibility.

  • FOLIO is an open source library services platform, the only completely new system developed in the last 10 yearsFOLIO requirements are developed by a global community of academic librarians and completely integrates physical and electronic workflows
  • FOLIO is built on a modern microservices architecture, designed to support your choice of apps
  • FOLIO’s “open source as a service” model is fully supported by EBSCO and PTFS Europe
  • You can adopt open source without worrying about support, or hiring additional technical staff

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