Knowvation (originally ArchivalWare) allows organisations to store, search, retrieve, browse and manage a diverse set of content/digital objects within one easy to use system. Knowvation is a web-based, file type agnostic (customers are using it with over 200 different file types), full-text search and retrieval content management system.

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Knowvation GS

Knowvation GS™ is PTFS Europe’s core digital repository system, Knowvation™, integrated with a range of Esri™ and Google Earth™ based map options to provide a graphical method for specifying a location of interest. Using the map interface, the system will display the geographic location of retrieved data while the user performs full text searching operations.

Knowvation GS™ is an easy to use system that handles both geospatial and non-geospatial content and virtually any file format.


Multiple search modes: Concept, Boolean, Pattern
Using Knowvation’s intuitive full featured interface, search queries can be conducted using Boolean, natural language (concept), and pattern matching (fuzzy logic) methodologies, yielding pinpoint results. Knowvation applies semantic analysis to discover synonyms and related concepts. It supports cross lingual search; the ability to search in one language while retrieving the results in another.
Queries can be made against the full-text of digital documents, rich metadata fields, or a combination of both. Retrieval of hits resulting from full text searches are highlighted directly on the document image for quick visual reference. Metadata fields can also be used to limit full-text searches or retrieve non-text digital objects, (i.e., search by date, author, publisher, etc.).

Administrator Tools

Administration of Knowvation is simple with a web-based user interface to manage system functionality including system settings, fields, labels, indexing, reporting, and import and export of content. This allows Knowvation™ to be managed virtually anywhere through a standard browser interface.
The interface also provides for complete management of all system users and groups, including access privileges, passwords, and default settings.


As an ISO27001 company, PTFS Europe has an excellent reputation for the quality of the support service that is delivered. Our staff are highly skilled and all have many years’ experience in working in the library sector. We are supporting over a hundred organisations, many of which are extremely demanding in the quality of the service that we deliver. We can only provide this service due to the high quality and experience of our staff.

All of our staff are based in the UK and, between them, have hundreds of years of experience working in library automation. Knowvation is an easy system to administer and all administration takes place through a web client. Also, as a hosted solution, there is no ongoing responsibility on staff to maintain and configure the infrastructure or application.

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