Koha Community Positions for the 24.11 Cycle

18th April 2024 | Martin Renvoize

The Koha community splits work up by cycle, every six months a new team is formed to steer the direction of the product and work together on achieving goals.  The next team is being formed right now, and we’d love you to be part of it. 

We need your help!

I’d like to advertise that we have a vote upcoming in the Koha community for the roles for the next release cycle, 24.11.

Please see the community roles page and add your name to a role if you would like to propose volunteering for it.  The team vote will take place on May 2nd at the next community general meeting.

We’d love to see some new faces on the team, and it’s just as important to have non-developers helping to guide the ship as it is the developers.

Some Koha community roles I’d like to draw your attention to:

  • Bug Wranglers – We can always do with more bug wranglers!  These people love to keep things tidy and Bugzilla is always in need of your help. We need people to help manage ‘the list’, identify the duplicates, promote bugs to specialists and find people to do signoffs and testing. Everyone is invited to this party, we need you!  This is a great first-time role to take on and it makes a real difference to active community contributors’ lives!
  • Documentation Team – The documentation team is a growing team that’s made great inroads into bringing Koha’s documentation up to date and ensuring we have a well-documented piece of software.  There’s plenty more to do and they’re always on the lookout for new contributors.  The documentation team are a super-friendly group and would love to see you join them; Aude is happy to have a chat should you want to talk about the role before applying.
  • Wiki Curators – Koha’s wiki is bursting at the seams with good information, but we need your help to bring order to the chaos and keep improving the content.  If you’ve got an interest in maintaining an area of the Wiki, helping identify out-of-date information or categorizing data then this is a job for you.
  • Meeting facilitators – We have regular meetings in the community to discuss development progress, documentation tasks and general community needs.  It would be really helpful to have someone to help promote those meetings, keep them on track and work on the minutes.  Right now these meetings tend to be run, recorded, minuted and promoted all by the team managers and that’s a difficult task. We’d really like some help here, please.
  • Accessibility advocate – In Koha, we really want to be open and accessible to all but accessibility is an area that many of us are not as aware of as we should be. We’d like to have some people helping to promote best practices and report accessibility issues we might not be aware of.

There are lots of other roles and I’m more than happy to try and mentor anyone interested in taking any of them on. If it’s not something I’ve personally taken on in the past, I’m confident I can find the right person to help you out.

Looking forward to seeing some new names on the list and your active engagement.


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