What’s On Our Mind: Collection Spotlights in Aspen

3rd January 2024 | Andrew Auld | Aspen

Want to highlight parts of your collection to your library users? Would you like to display this on your library website, your library catalogue or any other website? You need to know about Collection Spotlights in Aspen Discovery. This short video gives an introduction to creating or editing them from an Aspen search.
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What’s new in Koha 23.05 and 23.11

15th December 2023 | Aude Charillon | Koha

Our highlights of the new features and key enhancements to look out for in Koha 23.05 and Koha 23.11; with handy links to the original bugs, the Koha manual or explanatory videos.
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What's new in Koha 23.05 and 23.11

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