Buckinghamshire New University goes live with Rebus:list 2.0 from PTFS Europe


By PTFS-Europe

28th November 2016 | Press Release

Buckinghamshire New University rolls out Rebus:list 2.0, PTFS Europe’s reading list management system. Rebus:list has always offered libraries an effective alternative when choosing a reading list management system. This major new release incorporates the latest technology and standards, such as a responsive screen, FRBR and CSL support, custom report generator, RESTful API and LTI VLE integration.

To streamline the overall process of accessing and maintaining reading lists Rebus:list 2.0 has been integrated with the University’s Primo discovery tool and Symphony Library system.

Elizabeth Chamberlain – Systems & Research Librarian, said

The decision was made back in April 2016 to be an early adopter of Version 2. This was decided as the workflow was cleaner than the previous version and it was easier to train academic staff on the latest version rather than train on the previous system and upgrade skills later. To date we have around 600 lists active or in progress with more being put on by academics. We are also pleased with the latest development to allow academics to create, edit and delete lists.

Nick Phipps, Business Manager at PTFS Europe said:

Not only were we delighted that the University chose Rebus:list, they also agreed to be an early user of Rebus:list 2. It has given students the advantage of a responsive display, ideal for accessing their lists from smartphones and tablets; staff will have the option of breaking down lists into sub-lists and library management will be able to tailor reports to best suit their needs.

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