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By PTFS-Europe

17th January 2024 |

Sometimes you and your team just need a bit of extra information in the Koha staff interface, at the point of need. It could be a list of tasks, a link to a policy guide, some reports to run…

In this video, Aude walks you through how to customise Koha and add content to module homepages. She explains how Koha has been enhanced for the 23.11 release, with the ability to add content to more pages and in different languages.

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Prior to Koha 23.11, you can already add content to the Koha home page and the Circulation and Reports modules’ home pages. Use the following system preferences:

  • Homepage IntranetmainUserblock
  • Circulation IntranetCirculationHomeHTML
  • Reports IntranetReportsHomeHTML

Note: you have to enter your content in HTML format.

Examples we used in this video

  • On the homepage

<h1>Daily routines</h1>
 	<li>Check for <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/circ/">reserved items to pick from the shelf</a></li>
 	<li>Check for <a href="/cgi-bin/koha/reports/">overdue items with reservations</a></li>


  • On the Circulation homepage

<h1>Opening / closing time</h1>
 	<li>Open / close all blinds (don’t forget the small one in the local history section!)</li>
 	<li>Switch on / off public computers and printers</li>
 	<li>Make sure laptops are plugged and charging</li>


  • On the Reports homepage

<h1>SQL tips</h1>
Anna recommends: <a title="W3 schools SQL tutorial" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">W3 schools</a>

Sam recommends: <a title="Koha Manual SQL report writing tips" href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener">the Koha manual</a> (‘cause who wouldn’t!?)


From 23.11

From version 23.11 (thanks to bug 6419), you can add content to module homepages using the Tools > HTML customizations for:

  • Acquisitions StaffAcquisitionsHome
  • Authorities StaffAuthoritiesHome
  • Cataloguing StaffCataloguingHome
  • Lists StaffListsHome
  • Patrons StaffPatronsHome
  • Point of sale StaffPOSHome
  • Serials StaffSerialsHome


Watch out for the three system preferences being moved to HTML customizations in future Koha versions:

  • Bug 35153 – Convert IntranetmainUserblock system preference to additional contents
  • Bug 34563 – Move IntranetCirculationHomeHTML to HTML customizations
  • Bug 34561 – Move IntranetReportsHomeHTML to HTML customizations




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