What’s on our Mind: Sharing Dashboards and Reports from Metabase

16th November 2023 | Andrew Auld

The Metabase Analytics Platform is a terrific open source tool, supported by PTFS Europe, that enables you to create a myriad of reports and report dashboards using data from your Library Management System, Discovery layer, electronic resource management tool, or indeed any database system or set of data to which we configure access.

Once created, these dashboards and reports can be shared publicly or with specific colleagues in a variety of different ways: email subscriptions, regular posts to slack channels, website embeds, url links and pdf downloads.

In this ‘What’s on our Mind’ video, Andrew Auld goes through these various options with you, explaining how each one works.

You can also check out our YouTube Channel for all our previous ‘What’s on our Minds’ as well as other great video content from PTFS Europe.


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