In 2023… Get Involved in the Aspen Community!

4th January 2023 | PTFS-Europe

Aspen has a growing community of users – and there are opportunities for you to participate. Joining the user community will help you get the most out of Aspen.

1. Download the 2023 Aspen Calendar

The calendar contains three things of note:

  • When the new Aspen versions are due for release.
    Remember that we usually upgrade your site on the third Thursday of every month, about a week after the version release date.
  • The dates and link for the Aspen Community meetings.
    Join other library staff using Aspen, ask any questions (“How do you do this through Aspen in your library?”) and share what you do to help others! Check previous meeting notes to get an idea of the discussions.
  • ByWater Solutions’ Aspen Gatherings
    ByWater Solutions support libraries using Aspen in the US. Though primarily aimed at their customers, their Aspen Gatherings are open to all.


Aspen calendars for different time zones can be found via the Aspen Help Center (click on the three-lines menu icon).

2. Join the Aspen Slack workspace

A Slack workspace is a messaging platform. There is no need for you to install anything to use it, you can use the web interface.

The Aspen Slack workspace is hosted by ByWater Solutions for all library staff using Aspen. It is a great place to share what you do with Aspen and get ideas from others.

For a full view of the Aspen 2023 calendar with clickable links, access the Pdf version here: Aspen 2023 Calendar Link.

If you have any questions about getting involved, feel free to get in touch with us– we’d be more than happy to provide guidance and to signpost further resources. In the meantime, happy new year!

Aspen 2023 Calendar


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